Question: Is Afton family still alive?

Based on months of research on the Afton Family, here is the correct order they died in and how they died. Elizabeth Afton was (possibly) the second Afton to die. She died from Circus Baby. Elizabeth was pulled into Circus Baby, and (most likely) died when Circus Baby Was Scooped.Based on months of research on the Afton Family, here is the correct order they died in and how they died. Elizabeth Afton

Who was the first to die in the Afton family?

The first death may have been the unnamed younger son. At Fredbears Family Diner, the elder son (possibly Michael) and his friends put him into the mouth of Fredbear as a prank. However, the animatronic crushed the childs head, and the child died in the hospital while the older son apologized.

Is Chris Afton dead or alive?

Fate. He dies from a heart attack while he was in a coma, after the bite of 83.

Where does the Afton family live right now?

The Phoenix Residence recently opened a new group home in Afton, Minnesota! With the small-town feel, Afton is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your loved one. The Afton country home is situated in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley.

Is the Afton family real name?

William Afton / Purple Guy / Springtrap / Scraptrap (AKA Afton in UCN) / Glitchtrap. William Afton is the father of the Afton Family, he is responsible for the Missing Childrens incident, those children were Gabriel, Jeremy, Susie, Fritz, Cassidy, and his best friends / co-workers daughter, Charlotte.

How did Afton died?

Afton Died from a car crash and William Afton made Ballora to remember Her.

How did CC Afton die?

CC was the victim of the Bite of 83, having occurred at his ninth birthday party after his head was caught in an animatronics jaws during one of his brothers pranks, and ultimately died from his injuries.

Who is Chris Afton girlfriend?

Mary Schmidt is the main tritagonist characters from Coloxus (series).

Is there a Afton family movie?

The Afton Family House is the primary and central setting of the 1997 direct-to-video Disney film Five Nights at Freddys 4 and one of the major settings in the Five Nights at Freddys universe.

Is Chris Afton older than Elizabeth Afton?

Elizabeth is the middle child of the Afton family, who dies at the hands of Circus Baby, who she eventually possesses. FNaF 3. Terrence Afton (or simply Terrence) is the older brother of Chris and the deuteragonist of the 1997 animated Disney film, Five Nights at Freddys 4.

Who killed Michael Afton?

After that he possessed Springbonnie as Springtrap and he was trapped in a room for about many years, until one day, someone discovered him. Michael Afton is the oldest son and he died last from Ennard (Controlled by Circus Baby).

Who married Michael Afton?

Mary Estelle Grogan Michael Afton married Mary Estelle Grogan.

Was the FNAF movie Cancelled?

Five Nights At Freddys (Warner Bros version) is a cancelled live action horror movie based off the popular indie-game of the same name. It was going to be distributed by Warner Brothers and directed by Gil Kenan who also directed Monster House and City of Ember.

Is the FNAF movie coming out in 2022?

Five Nights at Freddys is an upcoming 2022 live-action film based on the game of the same name. The film will be directed by Chris Columbus and Scott Cawthon himself, and produced by James Blum. This film is produced by Blumhouse Productions and distributed by 1492 Pictures.

How Michael Afton really died?

Michael Afton is the oldest son and he died last from Ennard (Controlled by Circus Baby). he start working in Circus Babys Pizza World. Says You wont die. Later, he burns in the FNaF 6 Fire.

Does William Afton hate Michael?

William doesnt hate Michael he just doesnt know how to show how much he loves him. He also wants people to feel his pain.. when William was younger he would get abused by his father.

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