Question: Who does Marie-Fred cheat with?

In short, these guys all seemed to be ready to move into their next phase of their lives and no longer being farm bros just hanging out with nothing better to do. But then Season 7 took a twist and had Marie Fred cheat on Wayne.

What episode does Marie-Fred cheat?

It is revealed in the Season 7 finale that she is cheating on Wayne.

Who cheated on Wayne in Letterkenny?

At the start of the series, Angie and Wayne have just broken up after five years of dating, starting in high school. It is also revealed that she cheated on him. Its implied she did not like fighting, leading Wayne to stop fighting.

Did Wayne and Marie-Fred break up?

Once Wayne and Marie-Fred broke up, ending diplomatic relations between Letterkenny and Quebec, Wayne and Katys American relatives started turning up, making Michigan the new Quebec. On a trip to an American strip club, Katy meets Dierks (played by 19-2 alum Tyler Hynes) and they start going out.

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