Question: How does water hook up to fridge?

How does water connect to fridge?

If there is a water supply valve already installed behind your fridge, simply connect the supply valve to the refrigerator valve with 1/4-inch water line supply tubing. This extra slack allows the fridge to move so you can clean behind and below it.

Can I use bottled water in my ice machine?

Water quality is very important to the function and required maintenance of your ice maker. Minerals from your water can build up in the Opal over time, which would then need to be cleaned. We recommend using distilled water in your Opal; even bottled water can have high mineral content.

What type of water is best for ice maker?

Only use potable water or water suitable for drinking. The temperature of the water should be between 51°F and 90°F. Change the water in the water reservoir every 24 hours to ensure a reasonable hygiene level.

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