Question: What game can you play over the phone?

What can you do over the phone?

19 Fun activities and ideas for talking over the phone!Conversation Cubes.Watch a Movie together.Trivia Night. Use trivia about celebrities, places or things to try to stump one another. Sing a duet. Love to sing? Crossword puzzle swap/race. Watch the skies. mpersonations. Bedtime Stories.More items •26 Dec 2013

What games can u play on FaceTime?

List of FaceTime gamesTrivia. Trivia is a group game perfect for a social platform like FaceTime. FaceTime Truth or Dare. Folks typically use FaceTime on iPhones, iPads, or personal Macs. Masked Dancer. This or That. Newlywed Game. Never Have I Ever. Pictionary. Would You Rather.More items •1 Jun 2021

How can I make my phone more interesting?

General QuestionsTalk about what interests the person.Discuss popular films.Discuss favorite television shows.Ask what if questions.Fantasy vacation spot.Fantasy date.Fantasy job.Personal and professional goals.More items

How do you start calling someone?

You should first offer a greeting to the person who answers, such as hello or hi. These days, most people have Caller ID, but you should still introduce yourself unless the person on the end of the line greets you by name. If youre calling someone who you know fairly well, your name may be enough.

What apps should everyone have?

The 50 Best Mobile Apps Everyone Should OwnFeedly.Google Maps.Dropbox.Google Chrome.Firefox.Gmail.Onenote.Pocket.More items •14 Feb 2020

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