Question: How to tell if your boyfriend or girlfriend is an alcoholic?

Is my boyfriend drinking too much?

Identifying When a Few Alcoholic Drinks Becomes a Problem Signs that a boyfriend may be drinking too much will likely be behavioral. He may be kind and considerate while he is sober, but becomes aggressive or sad while he is drunk.

How do you know if alcohol is affecting your relationship?

Things like alcohol that impair your ability to adhere to your routine can be toxic. If you find that alcohol is leaving you sick, or unable to perform your daily obligations, then it is most likely also a problem for your relationship. This can lead to frustration, irritability, and even aggression.

Is it wrong to break up with an alcoholic?

Theres no right or wrong way to deal with an alcoholic significant other, but understanding the warning signs of alcohol abuse and when to seek help may allow you to make a more informed decision regarding your future together.

Why do I get angry when drunk?

We may miss social and environmental cues that help us to interpret situations rationally. This means that if someone provokes us when were drunk, we might rise to the bait rather than thinking of the consequences. This can lead to violent or angry reactions from people who would usually just shrug things off.

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