Question: Is Happn popular in India?

Happn, one of the most popular apps in India with 28 million users, now has Nagpur, Surat, Ludhiana, and Agra in its top 20 cities. We also saw the peak time for usage shift from 11 pm to 2 am,” said Snehil Khanor, CEO of TrulyMadly, which has 7.8 million users in India.

Is Happn App good in India?

Happn. Its the newest app on the block and it doesnt disappoint all that much. In fact, it has a very interesting method of working—absolutely any and every one whom youve ever crossed paths with, and who has the app installed on their smartphone, shows up on your Happn feed. Its like serendipity in an app!

Is Happn Indian?

Happn reached India in 2017 and now boasts a million users in Delhi alone besides having a sizeable presence in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Allahabad. Happn helps in knowing new people by providing information on them thus acting as a platform, a bridge to connect, from where one can take it forward.

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